Protect your boats

Shrink wrap your boats during winter to protect them

Shrink wrap once heated creates a weather resistant containment that will guard against the damage of winds, rain and snow. This prevents the exterior and interior of your boat from deteriorating from the harsh weather. Shrink wrap is also ideal should you need to transport your boat long distances. The shrink wrap will protect your boat from the weather and winds during transportation. US Shrink Wrap's boat shrink wrap film can last up to one year in the sun. We have special UVI additives added to the film to protect from the heat of the sun. You can use your boat throughout the winter. The boat is winterized and tagged but left ready to run. You can use your boats effectively after preserving them in winter season with our assistance. Our boat shrink company will re drain the boat and replace the tag. We automatically start the boat, check the systems, and re drain once a month. Our experts shrink wrap your boats effectively so that it can be prevented from damages


Perform shrink wrapping for your boats during winter

The world marine dealers are frantically racing freezing temperature and impending boats and sealing them snow. Winterizing boats and sealing them stretched in yards of blue and white plastic. The process of shrink wrapping has become a common final step in the off season storage regime, not just of boat owners in the Snow Belt, but across the country. Sealed tight a shrink wrapped boat is protected from rain, snow and dirt and ready to be stored for months. We require some special tools, and material usually only sold in very large quantities and shrink wrapping. Our dealers offer these services, usually charging by the foot of boat length.


Prepare your boats for winter by shrink wrapping

The boat is prepped to accept a maintain structure made with support poles and robust lines tied bow to stern and port to starboard. This gives the plastic skeleton to lie on and keep the plastic of different parts of the boat. Multiple support lines are carefully hanged from the deck of the boat and support a belly line that runs around the boats hull. Once this structure is complete a single piece of plastic is cut and draped over the boat and secured to the belly line. Boat shrink wrap covers are a canvas or synthetic boat cover. We can keep the cockpit from filling with ice and snow and dragging down the boat. We provide wood and aluminum frame should be used to circulate air and prevent pooling on the boat cover. Shrink wrapping vents should be used along the entire length of the boat cover to prevent moisture from being trapped moisture inside and create mildew. Moisture inhibitors can also be installed to prevent material reduction in boats. If you live in an area subjected to cold winters and need to store you boat for the winter shrink wrap is an excellent option to protect your investment.